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Reptile Lagoon ~ South Of The Border’s Newest Attraction

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010



The newest addition to the South of the Border Tourist Attraction is our Reptile Lagoon, run by Pedro’s cousin Zurdo. It’s the largest indoor reptile exhibit in the U.S. and it’s right here in Dillon, South Carolina. It has an amazing collection of snakes, alligators, crocodiles, turtles and other creepy crawlies.

On your next trip to South of the Border, make sure you allow ample time to spend in our fun and informative Reptile Lagoon. We have an experienced veteran snake and reptile handler, along with friendly staff who are here to educate the kids while they marvel at the huge variety of exhibits. What would a trip to South of the Border be without shopping? Boring is what it would be, so of course the Reptile Lagoon has a gift shop full of reptile themed items to remember the experience.

Our Reptile Lagoon has a wide variety of crocodile species. We have over 15 varieties that are on display. These include American alligators, Nile crocodiles, a slender-snouted crocodile, and many other types. We also have crocs that are on the endangered species list and a portion of every admission goes to the Crocodile Conservation Institute to help save these prehistoric animals. The custom built pools and walkways allow close up viewing, while always maintaining strict safety.


The Reptile Lagoon boasts an exotic collection of slithering snakes from all around the planet. A visit here is a must for any snake enthusiast. There are gigantic reticulated pythons, awesome anacondas, and beautiful Burmese pythons. Daisy is a rare albino Burmese python and is our largest snake. She stretches over 22 feet in length and weighs more than 220 lbs. That’s more than Pedro!

No reptile exhibit would be complete with some of the most deadly and dangerous venomous snakes known to man. The Reptile Lagoon’s most lethal residents include King Cobras from India, American Diamondback rattle snakes, and the world’s most feared killer: the African Black Mamba.  Along with these treacherous creatures, we also have dozens of different beautiful and fascinating snake specimens.

Another section of the Reptile Lagoon features the lovable turtle. Pedro and Zurdo couldn’t find a Ninja Turtle, but we have brought in a Giant Tortoise from Aldabra Island. Aldabra is halfway around the world off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, and the Giant Tortoise is considered one of the largest types. The Fly River, or Pig-nose turtle, comes to us from the far away island of New Guinea and Australia. This is a very rare creature because it is the only freshwater turtle that has true flippers like an ocean turtle.

From closer to home in South America comes the funny looking horned Mata Mata Turtle. It’s a must see because it looks like someone crossed a turtle with a dinosaur. Kids will love it for sure. From right here in the good ole Southeast U.S.A. the Reptile Lagoon has the giant Alligator Snapping Turtle, the largest freshwater turtle in N. America. Many a country boy has been on the losing end of messing with this beast. Legend has it, once it bites down it won’t let go until it hears thunder and lightning. Zurdo found this out the hard way, but Pedro won’t find out you can be sure of that!

Zurdo and Pedro will be constantly adding new species, exhibits and learning opportunities. Every trip to the Reptile Lagoon at South of the Border can be a whole new experience, so come back often. You can follow Pedro on Twitter (@sotbpedro) and on our official Facebook page for the most up-to-date information about Blenheim Ginger Ale, the Reptile Lagoon and the South of the Border Tourist Attraction.

Amazing South Of The Border Photography by Bill Warren

Friday, June 5th, 2009


We were lucky to stumble upon some amazing photography and even more excited that we are allowed to showcase the creative talents & photography of Bill Warren from Chapel Hill, NC on this website. The gallery he created is called Vote for Pedro and we feel this series does a brilliant job of capturing the imagination, lights, color and fun of South Of The Border.

You can check out more of Bill’s work at

This is a little background info on Bill and a few words about his methods and inspiration. We hope to bring you more of his great photography in the future:

I am a creative photographer based in Chapel Hill, NC. I started with film in the 70’s and like most shooters switched to digital in recent years. I have become a photography junkie, one who is always looking for the next image fix–even if I don’t have the camera with me. The blessing of photography is that it continues to heighten my visual sense and awareness of light, tone and shape.

I strive to make images that stand out and this drives me to look for subjects that are unique or overlooked. First there must be promising light—be it day or night, natural or artificial. Next, what often defines a good subject is not just the features that the subject presents but what occupies the background. Unless they can be utilized in the visualization, busy details in the background tend to subtract from the subject of the composition. When the light and subject elements show promise, it is my job to visualize the composition and then make the right camera and lens choices that will best record the visualization. My shooting technique is to follow the formal rules of composition, focus, exposure and lighting and then look for ways to break those rules to create an image that really stands out.

South of the Border is a destination that meets all my photographic requirements and desires. It surprises me that I have not been able to find many examples of creative photography that have been shot there. The SOB layout leaves lots of spacing between the buildings and statues to provide multiple and un-crowded framing options of many, many subjects. Also, the flat open site provides for a variety of opportunities to capture big sky elements. Every subject at SOB is unique and the painted colors are intense. Whether your opinion is that SOB is kitsch or Americana art, it is certainly a worthy photographic gold mine that more photographers should take advantage of. I just wish it was not quite so long of a drive for me to get there.

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