South Of The Border’s Whimsical Animal Statues

South of the Border Tourist Attraction in Hamer, SC has been called one of America’s Kitschiest Attractions. Our shops are filled with some of the most wild and silly items you can find anyplace in America. So bring your sense of humor along with your wallet. We are well known for our humorous billboards that stretch for hundreds of miles along Interstate 95, leading you to our complex’s location at the North and South Carolina state line.

The South of the Border grounds are home to a flock of whimsical animal statues. These whacky and wonderful animals are spread throughout the complex, so plan to spend plenty of time when you visit so that you and the kids can find all of them. Unlike the scary creatures that you can find in our Reptile Lagoon like crocodiles and alligators, our animal statues are lighthearted, colorful takes on animals you might find in a zoo. They have all been restored, repaired and repainted as part of our multimillion dollar renovation project.

We have pictures of the South of the Border animal statues from our archives and from combing the internet to find photos of visitors posing with our crazy creatures. If you have photos of the time your family spent with us, make sure to them tag them with the South of the Border Instagram hash-tag #sobpedro. Then look for your photos on our Instagram page.

Our goofy green gator guards the Fireworks store.


Our big blue Jackelope and a dinosaur with a sombrero. Doesn’t get much more whimsical than that.


A very artsy picture of our giant gorilla statue from the talented Rick Warren.


A full color picture of the South of the Border giant gorilla statue by Rick Warren.


 Ever seen a 10 foot long wiener dog? You can find it outside Pedro’s Hot Tamale Diner.


  Our big orange giraffe is almost life size.

giraffe-south of the border animal statues

Many of our visitors have a great time taking photos with our eccentric collection of animal statues. We found a great collection of pictures of them on the Will Work for Travel blog. The photo of the girl in front of our gorilla above comes from here, and they have quite a few more hilarious poses with our kooky creatures.

If you have any photos or stories about your adventures at the South of the Border Tourist Attraction, leave us a comment below. And don’t forget to tag your Instagram photos with #sobpedro to get them added to our picture feed.

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