Reptile Lagoon ~ South Of The Border’s Newest Attraction



The newest addition to the South of the Border Tourist Attraction is our Reptile Lagoon, run by Pedro’s cousin Zurdo. It’s the largest indoor reptile exhibit in the U.S. and it’s right here in Dillon, South Carolina. It has an amazing collection of snakes, alligators, crocodiles, turtles and other creepy crawlies.

On your next trip to South of the Border, make sure you allow ample time to spend in our fun and informative Reptile Lagoon. We have an experienced veteran snake and reptile handler, along with friendly staff who are here to educate the kids while they marvel at the huge variety of exhibits. What would a trip to South of the Border be without shopping? Boring is what it would be, so of course the Reptile Lagoon has a gift shop full of reptile themed items to remember the experience.

Our Reptile Lagoon has a wide variety of crocodile species. We have over 15 varieties that are on display. These include American alligators, Nile crocodiles, a slender-snouted crocodile, and many other types. We also have crocs that are on the endangered species list and a portion of every admission goes to the Crocodile Conservation Institute to help save these prehistoric animals. The custom built pools and walkways allow close up viewing, while always maintaining strict safety.


The Reptile Lagoon boasts an exotic collection of slithering snakes from all around the planet. A visit here is a must for any snake enthusiast. There are gigantic reticulated pythons, awesome anacondas, and beautiful Burmese pythons. Daisy is a rare albino Burmese python and is our largest snake. She stretches over 22 feet in length and weighs more than 220 lbs. That’s more than Pedro!

No reptile exhibit would be complete with some of the most deadly and dangerous venomous snakes known to man. The Reptile Lagoon’s most lethal residents include King Cobras from India, American Diamondback rattle snakes, and the world’s most feared killer: the African Black Mamba.  Along with these treacherous creatures, we also have dozens of different beautiful and fascinating snake specimens.

Another section of the Reptile Lagoon features the lovable turtle. Pedro and Zurdo couldn’t find a Ninja Turtle, but we have brought in a Giant Tortoise from Aldabra Island. Aldabra is halfway around the world off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, and the Giant Tortoise is considered one of the largest types. The Fly River, or Pig-nose turtle, comes to us from the far away island of New Guinea and Australia. This is a very rare creature because it is the only freshwater turtle that has true flippers like an ocean turtle.

From closer to home in South America comes the funny looking horned Mata Mata Turtle. It’s a must see because it looks like someone crossed a turtle with a dinosaur. Kids will love it for sure. From right here in the good ole Southeast U.S.A. the Reptile Lagoon has the giant Alligator Snapping Turtle, the largest freshwater turtle in N. America. Many a country boy has been on the losing end of messing with this beast. Legend has it, once it bites down it won’t let go until it hears thunder and lightning. Zurdo found this out the hard way, but Pedro won’t find out you can be sure of that!

Zurdo and Pedro will be constantly adding new species, exhibits and learning opportunities. Every trip to the Reptile Lagoon at South of the Border can be a whole new experience, so come back often. You can follow Pedro on Twitter (@sotbpedro) and on our official Facebook page for the most up-to-date information about Blenheim Ginger Ale, the Reptile Lagoon and the South of the Border Tourist Attraction.

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  1. snappy little title, LOL

  2. JJ says:

    Happy 60th Anniversary, Pedro!!! It’s nice to see your cousin, Zurdo.

    We recently stopped for a visit while on a day trip! We enjoyed it! Keep moving forwad, Pedro!

    Peace, JJ

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  4. LaRanda Lewis says:

    I really want to go but mom and dad cant pay your animals are so cool do you catch all of those animals yourself. I’m 10 years old and I really dig into animals


  5. shekenah says:

    wow i havent been to south of the border since i was a kid, i cant wait to see what its like now! i used to think it was a mexican disney land

  6. R C Solesbee says:

    With Labor Day weekend meaning everywhere in SC has unbearable crowds, my wife and I have made it our little “tradition” to make a trip to SOB and enjoy the carefree lighthearted side of life ,people watch and see the lights. The Lagoon was an unexpected suprise and worth every penny to see reptile species that the majority of the zoological parks in the Carolinas do not have. So far when I told friends abouth the lagoon and what it has the usual reply is “South of the Border has “WHAT”????- WOW!”

  7. angela says:

    What is admission price of reptile lagoon?

  8. admin says:

    @ Angela: $8 for adults $6 for 12 and under. Hope this helps – thanks for inquiring, hope to see ya soon!

  9. Kraut says:

    what are the times for the reptile lagoon?

  10. admin says:

    Hours are:
    Monday-Thursday: 10am-7pm
    Friday: 10am-9pm
    Saturday: 9am-9pm
    Sunday: 9am-8pm

  11. Josh says:

    So are you open on Saturdays, I don’t see anything about it posted?

  12. admin says:

    Sorry, left that out by accident. We are open 9-9 on Saturdays.

  13. Noahsangels says:

    You need to have a yearly pass for families!!!!! We live here and with 5 kids that adds up,but we would be able to visit more often with a yearly family pass!!!! Please consider this!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!

  14. Robin says:

    My wife and I really enjoyed the Reptile Lagoon!! Everyone was sleeping though! We plan to go back at feeding time!!!

  15. elliot and michael bleicher says:

    my son and i enjoyed this attraction immensly.we attended twice going on the way down to florida and on the way back.the guide,Terry, is the best.we loved when he went in with the alligators.we hope to vist again real soon with my wife.thankyou for a great exibit and a great place to harbor these endangered species.keep up the great work.

  16. colin says:

    i was wondering the what the list of crocodilians on display are, they are my favorite and i will be in the area and it will make my decision to visit or not. thank you

  17. Sammie says:

    Maybe this is weird… But I love Turtles. Their just so chill, and they don’t hurt anyone, their just like “Hi… I’m a Turtle. & I’m gonna get some lettuce. But I’m gonna take my time getting there. Because I’m… A Turtle.” Lol.

  18. betty smith says:

    These reptiles are so cool! Are you allowed to take pictures of them?

  19. Erin says:

    How much does the reptile lagoon cost pre person?

  20. Shelley says:

    Can you please let me know your prices for admission to the Reptile Lagoon and prices for rides, etc.? Thanks!

  21. john taormino says:

    Be sure to watch the Documentary on S.O.B. on the Documentary Channel. It airs again on July 29th,2011. It brought back incredible memories from my many stops to S.O.B with my family when we were on our way to my Granparents in Florida in the early 70’s.

  22. Buck says:

    As a child traveling from Ga to NJ to visit my grandparents in the 70’s, I loved reading the South of the Border signs. We also stopped many times. I thoguht it was the coolest place. IN the arly 70’s before I 95 was completed, you would drive right by the giant Pedro.
    Althoguh I had not stopped at SOB, I have passed it many times over the years. Last summer, we went to visit relatives in NJ fo the first time in years.
    I told my family (wife & 2 children) that we had to stop. You have to experience SOB at least once in your life.
    We went though several shops (bought a few souveniers and got a pressed penny for the collection) and took many pictures by the statues. I have a picture of me as a younf child by the large pedro. I had to get another shot in the same area as an adult. I do not remember so many staues back in the days. The road is lined wiht them. We were only there for an hour or so (were making the trip up in one day) , but it was worth the stop. I wanted to make it down to Pedroland, but I heard it was not open and many rides no longer were operational. On the way back to Ga., we passe SOB at night. I love the lights.
    If I get by there some time soon, I want to visit the Pedroland end of SOB and take some pictures.
    Althoguh the place is not as upadted as it needs to be, everyone must stop at least once and make thier own opinion.

  23. MICHELLE says:


  24. admin says:

    $8 for adults $6 for 12 and under. Hope this helps – thanks for inquiring, hope to see ya soon!

  25. Brandi says:

    Please set up a season pass for the Reptile Lagoon. Also, do you have a volunteer or intern program? Thanks.

  26. wesley says:

    woow pedro i went with my class on a feild trip there and it was hot inside the building and then i went on a 4h feild tripp there and it was awesome but still hot……like i said woow

  27. wes:) says:

    ily pedro ….your pedro land is so fun :)

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  29. victoria george says:

    Loves Daisy <3

  30. […] circusy Alligator Adventure and the more natural Cross Wildlife Center and Cyprus Gardens. The reptile lagoon lies somewhere between those on the continuum of animal attractions. It makes crocs seem cool in a […]

  31. Amber says:

    WOW! I love reptile lagoon my best fried and I are going there today!!!~ March 3,2012.

  32. Carrie Clark says:

    The Reptile Lagoon look really exciting,Yahweh Discovery Zone Daycare we be planning a feild trip there on 6/22/12. Shaquoia who is 8yrs old says that she is a little nerves but excited about the feild trip,She says she cant wait to shop see all the new things that South Of The Border has,she also said that she remeber somethings about SOB but she was 4yrs old then,when her family came to get fire works.

  33. Kevin & Sue (NB Canada) says:

    We had a great time at the Reptile Lagoon. The guided tour by Kevin the snake guy was awesome. We got some great video, and pictures. Well worth the price of admission. We will be back.

  34. Jay says:

    How do you apply for positions available at South of the Border? Where can I find job listings for the employers located at SOTB? Please let me know. Thanks.

  35. Alisha says:

    What is the price for children under 2 years old?

  36. Angela says:

    Will it be opened on Good Friday? 2013

  37. Jackie says:

    What’s the exact address? Taking a road trip with my daughter and would love for her to heck it out!

  38. Amy Brooks says:

    This wasa great place! My son (6years old) loves snakes. He begged to go in, I had no idea it was going to be as full of reptiles as it was. Highly recommend if you want to see snakes from all over the world. And the admission fee is VERY reasonable! Very pleased with my experience at Reptile Lagoon! We will be back!

  39. Heather says:

    My son and I went here last May and it was great. It was hot inside the building, but I’m sure that’s because the animals needed it that way. There were soooo m any crocs, alligators, snakes, turtles, etc! We spent over an hour walking around! My son was 3 at the time and had a blast! We are going to FL again next weekend and plan on stopping by again! It was awesome to see the guy go in with the alligators and feed them!!! And the price is cheap compared to other places I’ve seen!!!!

  40. William Cole says:

    What time do the gators get fed. Traveling through and would love to plan a visit around that time frame.

  41. Amiya says:

    How do I apply for a job at South of the Border?

  42. […] of things you never knew you needed. You can get a souvenir t-shirt starring Pedro, a scare in our Reptile Lagoon, fuel for your car and fuel for your tummy at one of our six places to eat. And don’t forget some […]

  43. […] of things you never knew you needed. You can get a souvenir t-shirt starring Pedro, a scare in our Reptile Lagoon, fuel for your car and fuel for your tummy at one of our six places to eat. And don’t forget some […]

  44. Randy says:

    Just come to the Human Resources building behind the Sombrero Room restaurant.

  45. […] so that you and the kids can find all of them. Unlike the scary creatures that you can find in our Reptile Lagoon like crocodiles and alligators, our animal statues are lighthearted, colorful takes on animals you […]

  46. lynn jones says:

    Its been 6 yrs since my hubby & I have traveled south from PA for vacation and we’re ANXIOUSLY looking forward to our next trip!!! SOB is a MUST SEE/and MUST STOP!!! Leaving home (PA) around 2am makes SOB a perfect place to stop for 2-3 hrs before we head down the road a bit further for an overnight stay (usually Santee) We both LOVE the Carolinas (hubby because of family in both N & S Carolina near the coast …and me, because I love the beach 4 seasons of the year no matter where it is!!

  47. william Ludzus says:

    We are here at South of the Boarder in the hotel, What a place this is I realy had a great time at the Lagoon learning about the animals.. My Family and I had a great time in South Carolina.. I will always stop here the people are so nice and the service was out of this world I would recomend this place to everyone I can.. Thank You South of the Boarder for such a great time.. I will stop back here on my way home from Florida..

  48. Mark Waser says:

    What is the admission price? Has it changed from the “$8 for adults $6 for 12 and under” that it was in 2011?

  49. Keith says:

    what are the admission prices for reptile lagoon?

  50. Crystal says:

    What are the current rates of admission for 2015??

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